Beijing, Kina

In Ann-Caroline Breigs Urban Cityscapes series, she depicts people on the streets, engaged in a form of baroque drama. When talking about baroque drama, Breig speaks of life in the city, the layering of relationships and activity that form a rich texture of pattern, coincidence and opportunity. Her work reflects this. To portray this drama,Breig combines painting, collage/montage and handicraft, and draws from social study, popular culture and history painting.

​The juxtaposition of materials form patterns that evoke decorative handmades, and the artist uses this to create a narrative form of expression that ignores representational precision. The works are made through a sense of pleasure for the medium, and the artist uses highly visual, expressive and alarmingly non-realistic colour.

Breig depicts the playground where cultural positions are sought and claimed, and invites the viewer to make a social study of this new world. The cross-cultural influences that permeate Breigs work can be seen to reference our globalised environment and the creative energies that emerge from it. She specifically references Brazilian art and the spirit of dance captured by the Tropicalia movement, renaissance figures and mythological figures such as Eros, and subtly interweaves them with images from contemporary advertising and culture. The artist comments that the rhythmical stitching is a tale of natural evolution, from history into todays fast consumer society.

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